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Construction site CCTV is a highly specialized category of CCTV camera system implementation specifically design to provide Active Video Security & Passive Video surveillance to ensure the Safety and Security of construction job site.

A typical construction site CCTV setup consists of

1. Wireless IP Camera (this includes Fixed cameras, Cameras with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functionality, Normal Visual or Thermal Version are available)
2. Mounting Tower & Mounting Options with anti-climb measures to prevent any attempts of sabotage.
3. Infrared or LED lighting systems for poor visibility conditions (Optional)

Functions of a Construction Site CCTV

A construction site CCTV plays a number of important critical roles, such as

Icon_Proactive Deterence

1. Detection of Illegitimate Intruder & Theft

Ensure Video Surveillance Coverage of Building Development Site Perimeter Security to Reduce incidences of theft at Construction Site
2. Real-Time Monitoring of Progress in Development Project

2. Real-Time Monitoring of Progress in Development Project

Remote Real-time Monitoring of Construction Site to track progress of Development Project Cloud Storage with Real-time Accessibility to Live Video Captured allows you to Better Manage Construction Projects while on the go
3. Capture Time-Lapse Video Footage of Construction Activities

3. Capture Time-Lapse Video Footage of Construction Activities

Keep Clients Up-to-date on progress of development project with time-lapse video.
This helps to Ensure a Strong deterrent against any incidents of safety breaches and reduces workplace safety risks at a construction site.
4. Health & Safety Monitoring of Worker Activities at Construction Site

4. Health & Safety Monitoring of Worker Activities at Construction Site

Construction site CCTV is able to help serve as a strong message to everyone in the premises that the construction site is fully monitored site 24/7.
It helps to Enforce that your construction operations fulfill all regulatory Health & safety requirements Policies

Complete All-In-One Remote Site Monitoring & Security Surveillance

Mobile construction site camera offers you a whole new level of Security & Workflow Efficiency to your construction projects.

1. Live HD Images & Video Capture

Automate Documentation of your construction project with our Construction site CCTV solutions.
Conveniently Retrieve High-Resolution Images of Construction Progress or View Real-Time Live Video Streaming to Monitor Construction Site Remotely from Anytime Anywhere.

2. Project Time-Lapse

Enjoy a Fully customizable Time-lapse Video Capture of your Construction Site where you can configure the video time duration and Capturing frequency.
The Built-in Share Functionality allows you to easy disseminate the time-lapse video with Stakeholders via a view-only website link.

3. Site Security & Surveillance

Designed to be Fully Autonomous, it is able to Operate Independently With no Need for External Signal Transmission Cabling or Power Supply.
A Truly Rapidly Deployable Surveillance Solution for Construction Site Security.

4. Easy to install, Simple to use, Easy to Maintenance

The construction site surveillance CCTV can be easily installed and with no fuss for a Quick Deployment

Construction Time-Lapse Video Capture

Automate the Proper Progress Documentation, Tracking of Your Construction Project.

Features & Benefits of Construction Site CCTV At A Glance

Complete Accountability and Visibility on Projects. Mobile Accessibility. Lower Cost of Security Operations
One-Time Fixed Cost with No Contracts or Monthly Fees

1. Comprehensive Video Security Coverage

2. Reliable Hi-Resolution CCTV Video Capture in All Weather Conditions

3. Active Security CCTV Monitoring of Construction Site 24/7/365

4. Cost Effective Alternative to Manned Security Guarding Solution

5. Visual Deterrence Against Crimes

6. Smart Intrusion & Theft Detection Video Analytics

7. Evidence-grade CCTV Video Capture

8. Integration with PA 2 way Audio System

Types of CCTV Cameras systems that we provide for your Construction Projects include

Construction Site CCTV

1. Solar Powered Wireless IP Camera Systems

Fully Autonomous Solar Powered CCTV with No Need for Replacement of Lithium-ion Battery Unit
2. Construction CCTV

2. Construction CCTV

We offer Construction CCTV Specially Designed For Providing Security Surveillance in Outdoor Remote Environment.
3. 100% battery powered Wireless IP Camera

3. 100% battery powered Wireless IP Camera

4. Camera with High Video resolution (HD) Quality Capture

4. Camera with High Video resolution (HD) Quality Capture

5. Camera with Time-Lapse Video Capture Functionality

5. Camera with Time-Lapse Video Capture Functionality

Keep Your Key Stakeholders (such as Clients, Investors, Colleagues) in your Development Project Updated About the Progress of Your Construction Projects.
6. Thermal imaging & Infrared Surveillance Cameras

6. Thermal imaging & Infrared Surveillance Cameras

Such cameras are specially designed for effective video surveillance in Poor visibility condition (such as Fog, Dust, Rain) as well as during night conditions

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Integration Options

We also offer many many add-on integration options to tailor the system to meet your security needs, such as

1. 4G/LTE Wireless Communication

1. 4G/LTE Wireless Communication

Integration with 4G/LTE wireless communication to enable remote access to Real-time video footage captured by the Construction site CCTV system.
Such Camera is suitable for providing security surveillance security coverage over a large outdoor area and to provide perimeter security via intelligent intrusion detection via the use of a self-learning video analytics software.
2. Video Analytics Software

2. Video Analytics Software

Integration with Intelligent Video Analytics software for advanced automated functions, such as

– Smart intrusion detection
– Accurate Facial recognition to identify possible unauthorized personnel in your construction facility
– Automatic Number Plate Capture and Recognition (ANPR) capabilities
3. Intrusion detection Alarm Systems

3. Intrusion Detection Alarm Systems

Seamless Integration with Intrusion detection Alarm Systems. This enables for the integrated use of the construction site CCTV surveillance system to serve as a means of providing visual verification of the security situation.

Why Choose Us

Our Strength is in the Design and Offering of Superb and Customized Engineering Solutions.
That is why each and every unit of the Construction Site CCTV system is Designed, Engineered, and Built by us in-house to ensure that you enjoy a secure, reliable, Integrated and Affordable construction site CCTV surveillance solution.

1. Construction Site CCTV Specialist

Our years of in-depth experience in the construction site CCTV industry allows us to offer you

1. Construction site CCTV system that is one of the most technologically superior available in the market
2. Construction site CCTV that is manufactured to the highest standard to ensure a highly reliable operation on your construction site premises.
3. CCTV packages that are competitively and affordably priced

2. Customized CCTV Video Monitoring Solution that Meets Your Security Needs

Whatever your Video Security needs, whether you are looking for a long-term deployment of a Construction site CCTV solution or just a short-term monitoring implementation over a premises area, we can deliver a customized CCTV camera surveillance solution that will meet your specific needs.

3. Comprehensive Range of CCTV Offerings

Here at SingaporeCCTVcamera, we offer a comprehensive range of CCTV camera options that are specially designed for

1. Outdoor Deployment

All our CCTV camera models are rugged and suitable for deployment in outdoor conditions which is exposed to the harsh weather in Singapore, such as Rain, Sunshine and Construction dust.

2. Reliable operations

We hold only reputable CCTV camera brands for use in our proposed Surveillance system. This ensures that it can reliably endure a Demanding Round-the-clock 24 hour operation with no disruptive downtime or breakdown. We fully understand that this is highly important for construction site projects, where budgets and schedules are typically tight.

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With a construction site CCTV, you will have the assurance that your construction job site is always protected guarded against any Acts of Theft, Illegal intrusion and Vandalism by a reliable Surveillance security system that is constantly on watch alert 24/7 to guard your premises.
If you’re looking for a construction site CCTV equipment system that is Affordable, Easy to Use and Reliability, we can offer you exactly what you are looking for.

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Importance of Deploying CCTV Cameras systems at Your Construction Sites 

A construction site is a high activity area which is often filled with constant inflow and outflow of human traffic and heavy construction activity all day long from day till night.v
Especially in a construction development project which is often extremely time-sensitive nature, project managers cannot afford to have a single incident of worker injury or loss of critical/key construction machinery can cause serious disruptions or delay to the construction project.
Some of the typical Challenges that construction project manager faces when handing such building development project includes

1. Maintaining Worker Productivity

Often times during the day, workers are scattered all over the large construction site during the course of their job with no direct supervision from a site manager.
This makes it hard for the project site manager to ensure that all the employees in his construction team are doing their assigned job task.
Especially when construction projects have a tight schedule deadline & Deliverables set out by the developer’s owners, it is vitally important for project supervisors to maintain and increase the Productivity levels of their workers at the construction job site.

2. Keeping Track of Site Activity at Construction Site

Efficiently keep track of all the concurrent Activities occurring at the construction job site.

3. Ensure Workplace Safety Compliance with Safety Regulations

Ensure worker compliance with Safety work procedure to prevent Violation of safety policies.

4. Prevention of Intrusion & Theft

Preventing Theft of construction company assets, such as building raw materials and expensive construction equipment
In many cases, when there is no CCTV surveillance camera installed on site at the construction job site, construction companies often find it difficult to gather reliable evidence to back criminal offenses or trespassing that was caught at the construction site.



A construction site CCTV security systems help to make the management of your construction site project much more simple.
Installing a construction site CCTV Systems can help to address all the above challenges faced by a construction project

The benefits include:

1. Remotely Track Worker Productivity

A construction CCTV surveillance system installed on-site allows project managers to remotely track activities of all employees working on the construction site. This allows the project manager to monitor their worker productivity level simply by viewing the video footage captured by the construction site CCTV camera
Especially when a construction site has a high density of many different personnel and activities, such a surveillance system helps site managers to ensure a visual verification that every worker, job task, and construction asset is properly accounted for.
This helps to eliminate the Reliance on inaccurate work status report from subordinates. In addition, this also helps to eliminate the need for the project manager supervisor to physically walk around the construction job site to check on the employee activity

2. Tracking Progress of Building Project

Having a CCTV cameras at the constructions site offers site managers an effective way for viewing and evaluating the building progress of the entire construction site.
It is highly important to Keep a close monitoring on the project progress as it helps site managers to determine if the project is able to meet the planned delivery deadline.
In the event that the construction project is identified as not progressing at a rate desired, the managers can then activate additional resources such as skilled labor or equipment are needed to complete the project.
Although the task of checking on the progress of the construction can simply be accomplished by a visit to the construction site to conduct a first-hand inspection, a Time-lapse video footage captured by a CCTV camera installed on site allows proper documentation of how each of the key construction milestones is achieved as the time progress.

3. Accurate Determination of Resource Allocation & Usage

CCTV Surveillance as a Resource Tracking Tool

A construction site CCTV systems can also be used to determine the level of resource usage at the building construction site.
As the construction site has a multitude of constant building activities, it presents a logistical challenge for project managers to Accurately account for all the resource usage on location at the construction site.
Some of the common construction project resources that require monitoring of usage & movement include

– Hardware power tools and construction equipment
– Building raw materials, such as copper pipes, steel pipes, and cement
– Employee safety gear, such as safety harness, helmets, gloves
and many others.

This gives project managers the tools needed to accurately account for the resource allocation and prevent any possible disruption to the construction activity due to a depletion of critical building resources.
As a result, the manager is better efficient at accounting for resource usage or perhaps preempt any project possibility of setbacks.

Track for Any Possible Incident of Theft

With a CCTV surveillance systems in place, the project manager can easily identify if there is any discrepancy in the resource allocated and the actual usage, and perhaps assess if there is any illegal activity of theft occurring at the site.
This allows the construction management to investigate with the inconsistency in a timely manner.

4. Improve Security of Construction Site

One of the major difficulties that construction companies face is in the ensuring the security of construction sites which is not actively being guarded by a security personnel or is dormant for a long period of time.
In such scenarios, a CCTV video footage captured can be used by construction managers to identify any unusual at the construction job site which could be indicative of illegal activity such as Vandalism, Sabotage, or Theft of expensive construction assets resources happening at the construction project site.
The CCTV surveillance footage in many cases has been instrumental in assisting in the successful legal prosecution of criminals in criminal incidents.

Challenges of Construction Site Security


1. Theft of Assets Equipment & Construction Materials

Construction companies are always having to face the risk of theft at the construction site location especially during after normal work hours.
Items assets that are often the target of theft includes raw materials used for construction, such as copper pipes, electrical power tools, and even industrial grade machinery.
Especially in today’s economy where projects typically run on a tight deadline and budget, such incidents of theft can cause a major loss in Profitability & Time

1. Financial Loss

The loss of important tools from just a single incident of theft can cost construction development companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacements.

2. Delay Project Schedules

The administrative task needed to rectify the situation, such as arranging for an insurance claim & re-procuring new tools also meant Loss of precious work days and delay in project progress.

3. Loss of Productivity

Loss of vital machinery to get the job done can also cause a huge loss of productivity due to the disruption caused by the daily construction operations.


2. Illegitimate Intrusion

Ineffectiveness of Perimeter Fencing

Although construction sites are typically protected with a fencing to function as a physical barrier around the job site, the installation of such a perimeter barrier is not always effective. As those fences are designed to be a temporary barrier, they are less effective as a deterrent against illegitimate criminals who are motivated to enter into the construction site to illegally steal equipment assets and valuable materials

Ineffectiveness of Security Guards

Although having a construction site physically manned with patrolling security guards walking around provides a stronger deterrence against security breach, they are an expensive security solution and can incur a minimum monthly cost of S$5000 and above.
Especially for building development site premises with a large land area to monitor over, it is physically impossible to ensure that the security guards will always be where they need to be when they are needed.
In fact, it is this limited coverage of the manned security guard that has provided a false sense of security and subsequently complacency which indirectly contributes to illegal Intrusion and Theft at a construction site when the guards are not around at a specific location.

Features & Benefits of Construction Site CCTV At A Glance

Complete Accountability and Visibility on Projects. Mobile Accessibility. Lower Cost of Security Operations
One-Time Fixed Cost with No Contracts or Monthly Fees

1. Comprehensive Video Security Coverage

Comprehensive CCTV security surveillance coverage across all corner of your construction job site with no blind spots.
This offers you unparalleled situational awareness of the security condition of your premises via real-time remote monitoring from the comfort of your office.

Real-Time Web Accessibility

You can also remotely access real-time video footage captured from the construction site CCTV camera via an internet connected Mobile device from the convenience of your security command station.

2. Reliable Hi-Resolution CCTV Video Capture in All Weather Conditions

Reliable CCTV cameras capable of capturing high-def night-vision in poor visibility conditions

Superior Value & Quality & Reliability

All our mobile security CCTV towers are manufactured to the highest quality standard to ensure a highly reliable security operation on your outdoor construction site.

✓ Intelligent & Highly Integrated System Design
✓ Modular Design for easy Customization of Configuration & Components
✓ Rugged and Weather-proof Enclosure Design for Reliable Operation in Harsh Outdoor Weather Conditions
✓ Affordable Effective One-time Cost that Pays for itself from the Operational Cost Savings

3. Active Security CCTV Monitoring of Construction Site 24/7/365

Have a peace of mind knowing your construction site is guarded by a reliable security CCTV system, even during off-work hours. The reliability of a Security guard services is highly dependent on the quality of the guard personnel guard on duty.
Unlike conventionally manned security guards, the CCTV surveillance system Never needs a break, Never Distracted.
A construction site CCTV system has the advantage of operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is always on high watch Alert.

4. Cost Effective Alternative to Manned Security Guarding Solution

As there is no security staffing cost involved, a standard implementation of a Construction Site CCTV is proven to be at least 75% cheaper than conventional manned guarding.
In addition, the operation cost of a complete Construction Site CCTV security solution is much lower compared to the staffing cost associated with engaging manned guards for conducting patrol services.

5. Visual Deterrence Against Crimes

In fact, just the prominent visual presence of a security CCTV cameras in your construction premises is often proven enough to deter a large majority of would-be thieves and vandals from proceeding with their plans.
This effectively prevents burglary and sabotage from happening in the first place.

6. Smart Intrusion & Theft Detection Video Analytics

CCTV camera is able to provide intelligent detection of intrusion incidents & theft of construction assets via integration with intelligent self-learning video analytics software applications embedded into the CCTV on-board Video management System unit.
This also helps to prevent a situation where a false alarm is triggered.
Advanced Features

✓ Real-time Live Video Streaming for Remote Monitoring of Building Site Progress
✓ Smart Condition-based managed Video Capture
✓ Fully Configurable Time-Lapse Movie Video Recording
✓ High-Resolution Video & Image Ensures All Important Details are Captured
✓ Adaptable for Both Night & Day Video Security Needs
✓ Integration with P.A system to enable the broadcasting of warning messages to deter illegal trespassers.


7. Evidence-grade CCTV Video Capture

Video Footage capture by construction site CCTV IP camera can be used as a reliable evidence for Legal Prosecution. With our construction site CCTV camera, you get to enjoy an automatic capturing of high-resolution video footage for use as video evidence for the successful legal prosecution of theft (either by internal or external people) and illegitimate intruders who illegally infiltrate your site.

8. Integration with PA 2 way Audio System

Our Construction site CCTV systems can have the option of full integration with a full P.A. system. This enables you to have the ability to broadcast loud warning messages when a trespasser is detected.
In many cases, this has proven to be highly effective at deterring and chasing off illegitimate trespassers who gain entry into the construction site.

9. Job Site Health & Safety Monitoring

Monitor health & safety of Construction sites
Having a construction site CCTV placed in a visually prominent location on the construction site premises sends a clear message that their activities are monitored.
This helps to enforce compliance with workplace safety procedures & significantly reduces any construction site safety risks

10. Quick & Easy installation Deployment Anytime Anywhere

Our innovative construction site CCTV kit comes complete with everything you need to get up & running with a fully operational CCTV surveillance at your construction site in no time.
Mounting brackets are provided for Quick & Easy mounting flexibility on vertical Poles and existing building structures.
Any Maintenance and subsequent repositioning for redeployment can also be easily done by the end user with No special tools is required

Height Adjustable CCTV Tower for Portability

Mobile CCTV Surveillance tower is equipped with height adjustable mast which allows it to be easily moved base on your current video security needs

Quick & Flexible Deployment

✓ Easy & Quick Setup for Rapid Deployment
✓ No Need For External Power Source, Internet Connection or Laying of Data transmission Wiring
This makes it Suitable for use in Remote or Challenging Deployment Locations

✓ Built-in Battery Power Supply Unit which is Automatically Charged by Solar Panel power unit

✓ Lightweight for Mobile Portability and Re-deployment


11. Workflow Efficiency & High-Value ROI

✓ Effective Remote Management of Construction Development Projects Right from Office.
Remotely access live video footage captured via internet to monitor your construction site

✓ Eliminate Need for Repeated Travel to Visit Remote Construction Sites.
✓ Effectively Keep Key Project Stakeholders updated on Project Status
✓ Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Workplace Safety Requirements, such as OSHA
✓ Web-Based Data Management with 24/7 Accessibility from any device and anywhere
✓ More Effective & Low-Cost Alternative to having a Manned Security Guarding of Premises
✓ Evidence-grade Video Footage Captured can be used for Legal prosecution or proof of Building problems
✓ Demonstration to Developers that Construction project is on schedule.