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Construction CCTV by SingaporeCCTVcamera is a highly specialized category of CCTV camera solution implementation in Singapore specifically design to provide Proactive Video Security & Passive Video surveillance to safeguard the Safety and Security of construction site premises.

A Standard construction site CCTV setup consists of

1. Wireless IP Camera (this includes static cameras, Cameras with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functionality, Normal Visual or Infrared Version are available)
2. Mounting Options & Mounting Tower with anti-climb measures to prevent any attempts of tampering.
3. Infrared or LED lighting systems for poor visibility conditions (Optional)

Have peace of sense of assurance knowing that your construction job site is constantly protected by a highly reliable construction site surveillance system operating round 24/7. With a complete Construction site CCTV security system in place, you no longer have to worry no more about Project interruption by

1. Loss of expensive Construction resources and heavy machinery to Theft or Vandals
2. Breach of safety requirements as a result of lack of compliance by construction staff with workplace health and safety standards.


1. Solar Powered CCTV

1. Solar Powered CCTV

2. Construction Site CCTV

2. Construction Site CCTV

3. Wireless IP Camera

3. Wireless IP Camera

Construction CCTV

1. Superior Value, Quality & Reliability

2. High Energy Efficiency

2. Rapid & Simple Installation Deployment Anytime Anywhere

3. Remotely Track Staff Productivity via 24/7 Web Accessibility

3. Remotely Track Staff Productivity via 24/7 Web Accessibility

4. Accurate Determination of Resource Allocation & Usage

4. Accurate Determination of Resource Allocation & Usage

5. Affordable Alternative to Manned Guarding

5. Affordable Alternative to Manned Guarding

6. Comprehensive Video Surveillance Coverage

6. Comprehensive Video Surveillance Coverage

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SingaporeCCTVCamera Provides One of the Most Competitive Rates for Construction Site CCTV.
Our Video Security & Surveillance Solutions are Engineered for Remote Outdoor Projects.
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Features & Benefits of Construction CCTV

A construction site CCTV security systems help to simplify the management of your construction site project.
Installing a mobile construction site camera CCTV Systems can help to address all the above challenges faced by a construction project
The benefits include:

1. Superior Value, Quality & Reliability

All our security mobile CCTV towers are constructed to the highest quality standard to ensure a highly reliable security operation on your outdoor remote construction premises.

✓ Smart & Highly Integrated Mobile CCTV camera System Design
✓ Modular Design for easy Customization of Configuration & Components
✓ Rugged and Weather-proof Enclosure Design for Reliable Operation in Harsh Outdoor Weather Conditions
✓ Cost Effective One-time Cost that Pays for itself from the Operational Cost Savings


2. Rapid & Simple Installation Deployment Anytime Anywhere

Our innovative construction site CCTV system comes complete with everything you need to get up & running with a fully functional CCTV coverage at your construction premises within the same day.
Mounting brackets are provided for Quick & Fuss free installation flexibility on steel Poles and existing building walls.
Any Maintenance and subsequent adjustment for redeployment can also be simply carried out by the end user with No special tools is required

Quick & Flexible Deployment

✓ Easy & Quick Out of the Box Functionality for Flexible Deployment
✓ No Need For External Power Supply, Internet Connection or Laying of Cabling

Suitable for use in Remote or Difficult Site Locations

✓ Integrated Battery Power Supply Unit which is Constantly Charged by Solar power subsystem
✓ Lightweight for Easy transportation and Re-Positioning


3. Remotely Track Staff Productivity via 24/7 Web Accessibility

A construction site surveillance camera monitoring system installed on-site allows project managers to easily monitor activities of all construction workers working on the construction site. This allows the construction manager to track their staff productivity level simply by viewing the video footage captured by the construction site CCTV monitoring camera.
Especially when a construction site is buzzing with many different personnel and activities, such a construction CCTV system helps project managers to have a visual verification that all staff, job activity, and equipment asset is carefully accounted for.
This helps to remove the Reliance on unreliable work status report from employees. In addition, this also helps to remove the need for the project site supervisor to personally walk around the construction site to monitor the worker activity

Enjoy Higher Workflow Efficiency & High-Value ROI

✓ Effective Remote Monitoring of Construction Development Projects Right from Office.

Remotely access live video footage captured via internet to track your construction site

✓ Remove Need for Regular Trips to Visit Distant Construction Sites.
✓ Effectively Keep important Project Stakeholders informed on Project Progress
✓ Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Construction Work-site Safety Policies, such as OSHA
✓ Cloud-Based Data Management with 24/7 Accessibility from any device and any location
✓ More Effective & Affordable Alternative to having a Conventional Security Guarding of Facility
✓ Evidence-grade Video Footage Recorded can be used for Legal litigation or evidence of Building Issues
✓ Demonstration to Project Stakeholders that Construction project is on progressing as planned


4. Accurate Determination of Resource Allocation & Usage

Surveillance Camera as a Resource Management Tool

A construction site surveillance systems can also be used to gauge the level of resource usage at the building construction site.
As the construction site is filled with a multitude of on-going building activities, it presents an administrative nightmare for construction managers to Fully accounting for all the resource usage on the ground at the construction site.
Some of the main building project resources that need tracking of usage & movement include

– Heavy machinery and construction equipment
– Construction raw materials, such as copper pipes, steel pipes and cement powder
– Staff safety gear, such as safety harness, helmets, gloves
and many others.

This gives construction supervisors the tools needed to accurately account for the resource usage and prevent any possible disruption to the construction activity due to a lack of critical construction resources.
As a result, the manager is more efficient at accounting for resource consumption or perhaps identifying any project possibility of delays.

Track for Any Possible Incident of Theft

With a video surveillance systems in place, the construction manager can easily determine if there is any inconsistencies in the resource allocated and the actual usage, and perhaps evaluate if there is any illegal activity of theft occurring at the site.
This allows the construction management to deal with the discrepancy as soon as possible.

5. Affordable Alternative to Manned Guarding

As there is no security manpower cost involved, a standard installation of a Construction Site CCTV is proven to be at least 75% cheaper than conventional manned guarding

6. Comprehensive Video Surveillance Coverage

Comprehensive CCTV security monitoring coverage across every corner of your construction site with no blind spots.
This offers you unparalleled situational awareness of the security status of your premises via live remote surveillance from the convenience of your mobile device

Why Choose Us


1. Construction Site CCTV Specialist 

Our years of in-depth domain knowledge in the construction site CCTV industry allows us to offer you

1. Construction site surveillance solutions that is one of the most technically advanced and competitively priced in the market
2. Construction site CCTV that is manufactured to the highest standard to ensure a highly reliable security surveillance coverage on your construction site premises.
3. CCTV packages that are competitively priced


2. Tailored CCTV Video Surveillance Solution that Meets Your Security Needs

Whatever your Video surveillance requirements, whether you are seeking for a long-term installation of a Construction site CCTV system or just a temporary surveillance implementation over a site area, we can deliver a tailored CCTV camera surveillance solution that will fulfill your specific requirements

Types of CCTV Cameras systems that we provide for your Construction Projects include 


1. Solar powered Wireless IP camera systems 

Fully autonomous with no need for replacement of Lithium-ion battery unit

2. 100% battery powered Wireless IP Camera

As it is 100% battery powered, and wireless, there is no need for complicated cabling or need to find an external AC power source.
Designed for quick deployment in outdoor environments where an external power supply is not easily available.

3. Camera with high Video definition (HD) quality capture


4. Camera with Time-lapse video capture functionality


5. Thermal imaging & Infrared Surveillance Cameras

Such cameras are especially highly adapted for effective video monitoring in All weather condition (such as Haze, Dust, Rain) as well as during zero light conditions

6. Camera integrated with Video Analytics

Such Camera is designed for providing video security coverage over a vast outdoor area and to provide fence line security through Automatic detection of intrusion via the use of intelligent video analytics software.

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