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A CCTV surveillance tower is a necessary investment. Not only does it helps to save you money by eliminating loss of assets at your construction development site, it can also help you to save critical productive man-hours, which are vital in helping to ensuring that the construction project milestone deliverables are completed within the predefined time schedule.

Protect Your Assets resources with a construction site security CCTV today!


Mobile CCTV Tower

1. True 360 Multi-Direction Video Coverage

2. Strong Visual Deterrence Against Criminals

2. Strong Visual Deterrence Against Criminals

4. Height Adjustable CCTV Tower for Easy Re-Deployment

4. Height Adjustable CCTV Tower for Easy Re-Deployment

3. Rapid Deployment of Video Surveillance

3. Rapid Deployment of Video Surveillance

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Features & Benefits of Mobile CCTV Tower

1. True 360 Multi-Direction Video Coverage


Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Functionality

Whether it is at near distance or at extended range, the mobile CCTV camera system which is fitted with a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera which allows you the freedom to track and close up on a particular human, car, or specific activity situation of interest

Complete Security Situational Awareness

The 360 Panoramic view of the construction site CCTV security camera system is able to offer you a true 360-degree video surveillance coverage in all directions over a wide land area.

In contrast to conventional security construction site surveillance camera with only 1 single camera view, such long-range panoramic camera can provide full situational awareness to security law enforcement officials.

Visual Confirmation

When needed, the security operator can use a manual override to remotely operate and control in real-time the motion of the moving PTZ camera to carry out a video confirmation and identification of a security incident.

2. Strong Visual Deterrence Against Criminals

Just the simple placement of a Mobile 360° CCTV camera system alone in a visually obvious part of any premises projects a strong visual warning that the area is actively being guarded and monitored 24 hours a day by law enforcement officials.

Crime Deterrent

This helps to deter any possible theft from happening as would-be criminals would think twice before committing any crime.

3. Rapid Deployment of Video Surveillance

Highly Portable for Flexibility of Redeployment

As the Mobile security camera system is designed for portability, it can be easily transported from one site to the next for immediate re-positioning base on your latest construction CCTV security needs which can often be ever changing in nature.

Full Surveillance Coverage Anywhere Anytime

With a Mobile camera system, you are able to Effectively and rapidly deploy a fully operational Security CCTV system with a vast all-around surveillance coverage exactly where you need it.

As the building construction development site is constantly subjected to developmental changes and building activities, the area that needs video surveillance can also change from time to time.

A solar-powered wireless IP surveillance solution allows the mobile construction site camera to be easily repositioned in a different position to adapt to the current security needs of the construction site.

The flexibility of the wireless IP Video camera makes it a much more cost-effective video security solution for surveillance of wide land areas compared with analog CCTV which need costly hard cabling of data transmission wires.

4. Height Adjustable CCTV Tower for Easy Re-Deployment

Mobile Camera Surveillance tower is equipped with height adjustable mast which allows it to be conveniently transported base on your current surveillance needs

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