Mobile Construction Site Cameras Singapore

A Mobile construction site camera by SingaporeCCTVcamera is an Independent, Portable and Fully operational surveillance system that is designed for quick deployment in building construction sites in Singapore which needs short-term temporary video surveillance coverage.
It has a seamlessly integrated and self-contained system design, which consists of key components, such as

1. High-performance IP CCTV Video Camera
2. Lithium Ion Battery power subsystem
3. 2-Way PA Audio System
4. 4G/LTE cellular transmission radio
5. Wifi Access Signal Router (or Point-to-point wireless transmission systems)

The mobile construction site camera system provides you with a video Security surveillance coverage that meets the demands of a rapidly-changing security landscape

1. Highly Configurable Modular Design

Depending on the needs of your security situations, our construction site CCTV security systems have the Capability to operating in either as a Standalone construction CCTV unit or as a Networked configuration

2. Designed for Reliable operations in Remote Outdoor Weather conditions

The Camera units and components are housed in rugged and Durable weather-proof enclosures

3. Easy to Operate

Setup is quick and easy to provide you with a high–definition video security coverage anywhere anytime for maximum situational awareness.


Mobile Construction Site Cameras

1. Intelligent Automated Security Alert Notification

2.. Highly Portable for Easy Transport & Redeployment

2.. Highly Portable for Easy Transport & Redeployment

3. 24/7 Round the Clock Unmanned Guarding Solution

3. 24/7 Round the Clock Unmanned Guarding Solution

4. Management of Labor Activities at Building Development Site

4. Management of Labor Activities at Building Development Site

5. Smart & Active Video Security

5. Smart & Active Video Security

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Features & Benefits of Mobile Construction Site Cameras

1. Intelligent Automated Security Alert Notification

In the scenario of a possible security breach of security detected, the Mobile construction site camera system will automatically report the security incidents identified to activate a rapid security response to carry out verifications in a timely manner. Such illegitimate violation of security includes examples such as

1. Illegal Perimeter trespassing
2. Acts of Arson, Intentional Damage to building or Public facilities
3. Theft of company resources
4. Acts of Terrorism
5. Selling of illegal goods, such as drugs, counterfeit goods


Automated Intelligence Gathering

When integrated with a smart Facial recognition analytics software, such mobile construction site CCTV system can prove to be a vital intel gathering tool to identify possible terrorist and high-risk person by cross-checking their facial biometric signature with an internal blacklist database.

2. Highly Portable for Easy Transport & Redeployment

The mobile construction site CCTV camera system can be Easily moved from one job site to another job site, base on the needs of your construction project

Flexibility of Redeployment

A typical building construction job site is always subjected to developmental changes and building activities, this means that the area that requires video monitoring can also change at different phases of the project.
A solar-powered wireless IP security camera surveillance solution allows the camera to be easily redeployed in a different position to adapt to the current security needs of the construction site.
The adaptability of the solar IP Video camera makes it a much more cost-effective video security solution for construction site CCTV monitoring of vast space areas compared with analog CCTV which requires disruptive hard wiring.

3. 24/7 Round the Clock Unmanned Guarding Solution

A reliable Standalone Camera system that could continuously provide security coverage over the entire site premises without the necessity to deploy patrolling guards to manually patrol the construction job site perimeter.

Active & Reliable Theft Prevention Solution

Reliable Wireless CCTV surveillance solution can continually monitor over the entire site area without the need to employ security guards to manually patrol the construction site perimeter.

Automated Real-Time Video Surveillance Detection

CCTV is more cost-effective compared to Onsite patrolling guards as Any criminal or trespasser that gain illegal entry on site will be automatically recognized by the mobile CCTV tower.
This helps to enable the security guards to be alerted and take the needed corrective actions within a short span of response time, thus preventing them from causing any serious financial loss of assets or damage.

4. Management of Labor Activities at Building Development Site

Apart from monitoring the progress of building development project at any given point in time, a remotely monitored wireless construction site surveillance camera solution gives you the capability to keep track of worker activities at your construction job site and keep track on any incident of illegal actions that might have taken place, such as breach of regulatory security policies
eg. Construction managers can check on workers to ensure safe work procedures are followed, such as wearing safety belts, safety helmets, and Safety boots

5. Smart & Active Video Security

The Mobile construction site CCTV camera system that is capable automatically identify and Monitoring of multiple concurrent security incidents. It is able to intelligently detected, Track and capture high-quality close-up video evidence of possible security incidents in vast outdoor spaces which has many moving activities going on.

Applications of Mobile CCTV Camera System


1. Public Homeland Security

Use by Law enforcement officers for Security Intelligence gathering.
It can also be used for facial recognition of possible criminals to prevent acts of crime

2. Emergency Event Management

For evaluating flood conditions, Casualty count to assist Humanitarian relief assistance by Medical rescuers

3. Event Security at Large Scale Outdoor Public events

To track crowd scenarios for purpose of effectively allocating crowd control resources. It can also be used for scanning crowd for possible terrorist or pickpockets

4. Construction sites Security

To offer outdoor remote area video security surveillance coverage. Helps to stop unauthorized intrusion and prevent theft

5. Border Security

Used by Immigration security officers to defend against illegal immigrants attempting illegitimate entry through border physical barriers

6. Scientific studies

For use by scientific professionals to record documentation video footage of an outdoor remote location
(Eg. Monitoring Observation of Weather environment)

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Camera Options and accessories (Optional)

– Static Wireless IP CCTV cameras with Video imaging resolution of up to 33-megapixel image size
– Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras
– Thermal imaging cameras
– Infrared Cameras
– Infrared Lighting systems
– Intelligent Self-learning video analytics Application for intelligent detection of intrusion and prevention of false alarms
– Backup Lithium Ion battery packs
– Case for storage & transportation


Features of Mobile Construction Site Cameras

– No special tools required for setting up
– Heavy-duty, light-weight aircraft aluminum construction which is able to extend up to a height of 9 feet
– Up to 72 hours battery life (or more depending on specification)
– Support for industry-standard IP cameras including Mobotix, AXIS, FLIR, Avigilon
– 4G/LTE cellular signal communication capabilities
– Point-to-point wireless communication capabilities with transmission range of up to 20 miles (*requires a clear/direct line of sight)
– Can be operated in Standalone configuration or Networked mode as part of a multi-tripod mesh system (local and remote access at command-vehicle or police headquarters)
– Hi-gain directional antenna

Why Lithium-ion batteries As a Power Source

Lithium batteries are highly recommended for use in the Mobile CCTV camera system which is often used for rapid deployment in large outdoor premises where an external power source is not readily unavailable.
Lithium-ion batteries offer several inherent advantages over conventional lead-acid batteries. Their benefits include

1. Flexibility

For Use over a long period of time, a backup Lithium-ion battery pack with a built-in 110V AC electrical charger can be swapped with the extended battery pack.
This allows the mobile CCTV camera system to be deployed in the field for virtually an unlimited amount of time.

2. Lighter Weight

When compared to a lead acid battery, with approximately the same outer dimension, a Lithium-ion battery is usually much lighter. This allows the Mobile CCTV unit to be significantly more portable for easy transportation between deployment locations

3. Higher Power Density

This allows the battery unit to have the capacity to hold a much larger charge, enabling the mobile CCTV system to maximize its useful performance on the premises

Long Operation Time Between Each Charge

* Depending on the Mobile CCTV camera system custom configuration, a single lithium-ion battery pack unit is able to power a system for many days and sometimes even up to weeks.