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Solar IP Camera by SingaporeCCTVcamera is excellent for providing security Video Security in Outdoor Remote location in industrial parts of Singapore. Such a Solar-powered, Wireless IP video security cameras can now provide an affordable means of protecting the remote outdoor environment which traditionally involves expensive wiring due to the lack of easy access to an external power source support at the camera site.

Mainstream Acceptance of Solar Powered Wireless Video Security Solution

Solar IP Camera has in the recent years experienced Major Technological advances. This modern solar-powered, wireless IP video surveillance solution has enabled them to gain industry acceptance in the Construction CCTV market and put to rest concerns about the reliability of the systems as well as the advantages they can offer, such as:

1. Operational Reliability

Solar powered CCTV is designed and tested to operate round-the-clock and to reliably operate in a wide variety of harsh outdoor weather conditions

2. Long Backup Battery Life
3. Automatic Worker Activity Supervision capabilities
4. Smart System status checks — all of which enable reliable surveillance.


Solar IP Camera

1. Lower Power Consumption

2. Great for Outdoor & Remote Site Security & Perimeter Protection

2. Great for Outdoor & Remote Site Security & Perimeter Protection

3. Reliable 24 hr Round-the-Clock Operation

3. Reliable 24 hr Round-the-Clock Operation

4. Wireless Operation

4. Wireless Operation

5. Improved Wireless Data Transmission Reliability

5. Improved Wireless Data Transmission Reliability

6. Environmentally Friendly Deployment

6. Environmentally Friendly Deployment

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Features & Benefits of Solar IP Camera

Thanks to recent significant advancements in the area of Solar and Wireless video surveillance technology, it has made Solar IP surveillance cameras much more Affordable & Reliable today.
In the recent years, more so than ever in the past, there is a growing necessity for the implementation of such Solar IP Camera because of the following advantages:

1. Lower Power Consumption

Today’s modern Solar IP Camera is much more efficient in terms of their power requirements. This allows them to be easily integrated with solar power subsystems for prolonged operations in outdoor remote environments.

1. Intelligent Wireless data Transmission Protocol

Today’s solar IP camera has a lower power consumption due to the advanced wireless data communication protocol which allows it to detect any signal interference or periods of high signal traffic loads in order to determine the ideal time period to avoid as well as period to transmit the video data. Increased Signal Reliability & Savings in Electrical Consumption This helps to significantly increase the reliability of the wireless signal transmission and at the same time reduce the electricity required for each camera.

2. No need for Large Solar Panel

Due to the extremely low power consumption footprint of the Solar IP camera, there is no longer a need for large and costly solar panel. This helps to greatly simplify all the installations and provides tremendous cost savings to make it more affordable.

2. Great for Outdoor & Remote Site Security & Perimeter Protection

Often the deployment of a CCTV Video Security Solution in an outdoor remote location is limited by the practical considerations such as the availability of power supply to support the operation of the CCTV camera system. However, with the Remote operation of the Solar IP camera, it makes the Solar Panel Surveillance Camera extremely easy for Outdoor deployment for providing proactive Video Security & Surveillance coverage to enforce Site security.

Temporary Installations for Event Security

Solar panel CCTV camera is also suitable for a quick Short-term deployment in outdoor public spaces to provide real-time video security surveillance during major events where a high density of human traffic is expected.

3. Reliable 24 hr Round-the-Clock Operation

Solar IP cameras are equipped with ultra-low power wireless transmission technologies and solar cells, which makes it possible for the Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera to reliably operate video security round-the-clock both during Day and Night.

Improved Solar Panels Technology that Works in All Weather Conditions

Our wireless solar IP surveillance cameras use is able to still function using solar power during cloudy weather condition because of

1. Unique integrated Camera System design, which enables the solar security camera to have a much lower power consumption
2. Our solar cells have a superior electricity generation capabilities where the Solar wireless camera can capture solar photon that pass through the clouds during a cloudy weather.

To ensure continuous and reliable operation in both cloudy days and Sunny day conditions, the solar panels are designed with redundancies to supply electricity at 20 time the required power consumption.

Battery Backup

As an additional layer of fail-safe precaution, the Solar IP camera is integrated with a backup battery subsystem which is capable of allowing the camera to maintain a continuous 24-hours surveillance function over several weeks without direct sunlight.

4. Wireless Operation

Solar Wireless IP camera is completely free of wires, allowing the outdoor solar powered wireless camera to be suitable for placements in vast Outdoor Remote areas which otherwise be cost prohibitive if hardwiring is needed. This also helps to significantly reduce the overall project environmental footprint and installation time Hardwiring the remote gates was not an option: the distances involved were prohibitive

1. Large Parking spaces
2. Remote Logistics distribution centers
3. Large open concept Polytechnic campuses
4. Oil industrial Process facilities & Oil storage facilities


5. Improved Wireless Data Transmission Reliability

In the recent years, the quality of wireless solar video surveillance solutions has made significant improvements in terms of

1. Robust Signal Strength & Quality

The current solar wireless IP cameras use proprietary wireless data transfer protocol which is specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of transmitting high bandwidth video data over the air efficiently.

2. Penetrative Strength Against Obstacle Structures

The Penetrative Strength & Reliability of the Solar Wireless IP CCTV signals makes the Solar wifi camera perfect for use in surveillance applications in harsh outdoor environment, which is subjected to constantly changing weather conditions, and uneven outdoor geographical terrain, such as industrial installations.

3. Secure Data Transmission

The Solar IP camera uses an extremely secure proprietary signal transmission authentication and retransmits protocol. This makes it almost impossible for illegitimate hackers with ill intentions from infiltrating & reassembling the video data stream transmitted. In the event that a transmission connection is lost, the communication system will automatically store the captured surveillance data in a secure non-volatile onboard memory until the network data connection is restored.

6. Environmentally Friendly Deployment

For CCTV Camera deployment in geographically vast and challenging outdoor environment, a Solar Powered Wireless IP camera can prove to be extremely useful in providing video security coverage over large premises.

1. Low or Negligible Electrical Energy Requirements

Due to the integrated system design, our latest Solar IP Cameras uses much less electricity.

2. Independent Power Source

A solar IP camera is independently powered by an integrated solar power subsystem that runs on sunshine, which is an abundantly available resource. This eliminates the reliance on an external power source and makes the solar powered wireless ip camera much more environmentally friendly to the environment.


7. Quick & Non-Disruptive Outdoor CCTV Deployment

As the Solar powered IP camera are Truly wireless, there is no need for complicated data or power transmission cabling. Unless you have an unlimited budget and do not mind spending on costly CCTV cabling, this makes Solar IP Camera the obvious choice above all other CCTV solutions for use in outdoor perimeter surveillance security projects.

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These above-mentioned advantages of using a Solar IP Camera allows security integrators the capability to offer end-user customers an Outdoor Video Surveillance Solution that is Quick to Setup, Cost Effective and Reliable.

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Example Applications where Solar IP Camera is deployed for Video Security


1. Heavy Industry Work Site

Solar IP Cameras are often used by Oil and gas firms company in Outdoor Remote CCTV surveillance Security installations in industrial work site location construction work site.
This helps to safeguard their construction assets from theft, sabotage
Examples of company assets include

– Expensive heavy machinery
– Building materials such as cement, Metal steel & copper pipes


2. Outdoor Events

Solar IP Cameras can be easily deployed in public spaces during a Large-scale Outdoor event to offer proactive Video Security & Surveillance coverage to enforce Site security in a large area.


1. Week-long university event
2. Marathon
3. International Exhibition & Conventions