Solar Powered CCTV Singapore

Solar Powered CCTV by SingaporeCCTVcamera offers you a wire-free surveillance solution suitable for remote outdoor environments in Singapore where there is no ready access to an external power supply infrastructure and is located in a remote deployment location with no regular direct access by the end-user.
The rising demand for installation of CCTV surveillance solutions in remote outdoor locations makes Solar powered construction site CCTV a suitable CCTV surveillance technology to consider.


1. Solar Powered CCTV

1. Solar Powered CCTV

2. Construction Site CCTV

2. Construction Site CCTV

3. Wireless IP Camera

3. Wireless IP Camera

1. Wire-free CCTV Surveillance Solution

1. Wire-free CCTV Surveillance Solution

2. High Energy Efficiency

2. High Energy Efficiency

3. Operational Cost Savings

3. Operational Cost Savings

4. Autonomous Function

4. Autonomous Function

5. Highly Mobile & Easy to Deploy

5. Highly Mobile & Easy to Deploy

6. Reliability of Solar Powered CCTV

6. Reliability of Solar Powered CCTV

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Features & Benefits of Solar Powered CCTV

1. Wire-free CCTV Surveillance Solution

1. Quick & Flexibility CCTV Deployment

The standalone nature of our solar powered CCTV allows you to enjoy the convenience of a quick and fuss-free on-site installation, plus the flexibility to strategically deploy the Solar powered CCTV over a big outdoor land area.

2. Cost Savings

This translates you to enjoy tremendous cost savings as there is no need to lay costly wire for power and video signal data transmission.

3. Environmentally Less Disruptive

The wireless nature of this Solar powered camera Surveillance solution means that there is no need for highly disruptive trenching or hardwiring of data transmission cabling commonly associated with conventional analog CCTV. This makes the implementation of a Solar Powered CCTV much more environmentally friendly for those seeking, more greener options in video security.

2. High Energy CCTV System Efficiency

Modern network or IP CCTV cameras have an extremely high energy efficiency, this makes them suitable for deployment in outdoor solar powered outdoor security Camera installation which is often subjected to continuous remote operation 24/7.

Energy Efficient Design

The wide range of highly energy efficient 12v or 24v dc CCTV cameras are on the market makes them ideal for use with a solar power subsystem, where some of them can consume power as little as 3 watts. Other energy saving features found in modern CCTV Camera includes

– Solid state storage integrated on board which replaces power hungry digital image storage drives
– Elimination of unnecessary hungry functions
– Energy efficient ultra-violet LEDs for use in night video capture

Improved Heat Dissipation

Our current CCTV camera design is engineered and from aluminum extrusion using precision CNC fabrication processes This results in a significantly improved LED thermal heat dissipation rate by up to 115%, which helps to improve the LED useful life and improve the overall reliability of the Solar powered CCTV system.

3. Significant Operational Cost Savings

1. Infrastructure Cost Savings Through Wireless Surveillance Solution

As the wireless, solar-powered security camera surveillance solution can be deployed multiple remote outdoor locations for less than half the cost of a traditional CCTV monitoring system. As the Solar Panel CCTV camera surveillance system operates wirelessly, you get to enjoy the benefits of

1. Fast and Efficiently deployed
2. Safe on Infrastructure cost

Significant Cost savings in terms of Thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs avoided Elimination of the need for trenching and running of power & video data transmission cables

2. Long-Term Operational Cost Savings from Lower Electrical Power Consumption

Due to the energy efficiencies of a Solar panel surveillance camera, you get to enjoy Long-Term Operational Cost Savings from a reduced Electrical Power Consumption

4. Autonomous Function

The Solar Powered CCTV can operate as a stand-alone, perfectly independent security video surveillance unit.

All-in-One Design

Our patented Solar powered CCTV system has a reliable and integrated ‘All-In-One’ solar power system design that consist

1. High-efficiency Solar panel array
2. Lithium LifeP04 battery Pack

Our new generation of Lithium Batteries have a relatively high Energy Density and a Compact form factor compared to conventional Lead-acid batteries 3. Intelligent power management system.

Independently Powered

As it is independently powered by an integrated solar panel power supply unit and needs no external power infrastructure for normal operation. This means that the deployment location of such Solar powered CCTV is not restricted to only by locations with an available external power source.

5. Highly Mobile & Easy to Deploy

The self-contained design of the Solar IP Camera system allows it to have an extremely sleek form factor. This allows it to have a low profile to enable for an easy transportation to almost anywhere for re-deployment. In terms of cost, it is also more affordable compared to other solar-powered cameras, such as

1. Battery powered Trailer CCTV Cameras tower
2. Pole-mounted Solar Camera with large solar panel groupings


Light Weight, Small Form Factor for Ultimate Mobility

The Solar powered CCTV’s small form factor and light weight makes it extremely easy for it to be placed in high deployment ground positions. As a result of the extreme flexibility of the Solar powered CCTV deployment locations, it makes it possible for a more strategic deployment of security video surveillance over a wider land coverage area.

Height Adjustable Camera Mast

Height adjustable mast mount allows the Solar Powered CCTV camera to have a high elevation provides the trained surveillance officers with high visibility awareness of any security situation detected

6. Reliability of Solar Powered CCTV

The extremely energy efficient design of today’s modern CCTV cameras has made solar power CCTV more reliable and suitable than ever in remote outdoor applications.

Reliable Operation in Low-Light Conditions

It is a myth that solar powered outdoor wireless camera can only work properly in locations with intensive sunshine all year round. With the new solar array and battery technology integrated into the Solar IP surveillance Camera system, it can reliably operate continuously even in low-light situations conditions without any problems. This allows you the flexibility to be installed the Solar powered wireless IP Camera in almost any outdoor locations.

7. High-Resolution Video Capture

Enjoy a high-quality Video resolution with the True day/night and low Lux cameras.

Real-time Video Feed

Solar Wifi camera live video feed allows security officers can conduct video surveillance over property premises in real time.

Installation for Protection of Perimeter Security

Solar IP Camera can be used for providing site perimeter protection in premises with a relatively large land area to guard against illegal trespassers.

8. Integration with External Security Systems

The Solar powered CCTV system can operate as a stand-alone or integrated with other existing perimeter security detection systems Integration of outdoor solar powered security camera with existing security system assets can offer benefits such as

1. Enhance security surveillance operation efficiency
2. Improve situational awareness of security officers

This can involve integration with security assets, such as

1. Intelligent Self-learning video analytics
2. PIR motion detecting sensors
3. Perimeter Fence Intrusion detection
4. Physical security information management system
5. Access control Management System (For Remote Visual Monitoring of Personnel entering into unmanned premises location)


Integration with Strobe Lighting system & Broadcast Sirens

Visual & Audio warning Alarm. In the event that an intruder is found on the property, the security monitoring officer on duty can activate the use of the integrated strobe lights and warning sirens to deter them off.

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