Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera Singapore

Mainstream Adoption of Solar Powered Wireless Video Surveillance Solution

Solar IP Camera by SingaporeCCTVcamera has in the recent years in Singapore experienced Significant Technological improvements.
This modern solar-powered, wireless IP video surveillance solution has allowed them to mainstream acceptance in the Construction CCTV market and put to negated doubts concerning the reliability of the technology as well as the benefits they actually offer, such as:

1. Operational integrity

The solar-powered CCTV is designed and tested to operate continuously and to reliably operate in a wide variety of harsh outdoor climate conditions

2. Long Backup Battery Life
3. Automatic Worker Activity Supervision capabilities
4. Automatic System serviceability monitoring — all of which enable reliable surveillance.


Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera

1. Reliable Continuous Operation in Low-Light Situations

2. Turnkey Plug-and-Play Functionality

2. Turnkey Plug-and-Play Functionality

3. Wireless Operation

3. Wireless Operation

4. High Resolution of the Video & Picture Capture

4. High Resolution of the Video & Picture Capture

5. Intelligent Point-to-Point Wireless Communications

5. Intelligent Point-to-Point Wireless Communications

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Features & Benefits of Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera

Thanks to recent disruptive progress in the fields of Solar and Wireless video surveillance solutions, it has made Solar IP surveillance cameras significantly more economical & Reliable these days.


1. Reliable Continuous Operation in Low-Light Situations

It is a common misconception that solar IP surveillance camera can only function properly in locations with intense sunshine all year round. Because of the improved solar array and battery technology integrated into our Solar IP surveillance Camera system, it can reliably operate continuously even in low-light weather conditions without any issues.
This allows the Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera to have the flexibility to be deployed in almost all outdoor locations.

Efficient Solar Arrays Technology that Works under All Weather Conditions

Our wireless solar IP surveillance cameras use is able to still function using solar power during cloudy weather condition because of

1. Unique integrated Camera System design, which allows the outdoor solar powered wireless camera to have a significantly lower electricity consumption
2. Our solar cells have a superior power generation capabilities where it can capture solar radiation that pass through the clouds during a cloudy day.

To ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation in both rainy days and Sunny weather conditions, the solar panels are built-in with redundancies to supply electricity at 20 times the needed electricity consumption.

Battery Backup

As an additional level of fail-safe back-up, the Solar IP camera is integrated with a backup battery subsystem which is capable of allowing the camera to maintain a full 24-hours surveillance operation over several days without direct sunshine.

2. Turnkey Plug-and-Play Functionality

In addition to the standard Camera and Cabling, the solar-powered camera system includes an

– Adjustable Solar Panel CCTV camera Array
– Solar electric power subsystem
– Durable enclosure – Pre-Configured internally with battery storage, Solar Power injectors, and Charge controller

Quick, Easy & Flexible Mounting Options

– Mounting brackets accessories – for a Quick & Easy mounting option on various existing structures, such as Vertical Steel Poles, Mason Walls, Rooftops, Satellite Transmission tower, or Ground.
* It allows for quick adjustment base on your current surveillance monitoring needs no technical skills required.
* Customized build mounts can be provided upon request.

3. Wireless Operation

Solar Wireless IP camera is completely free from cabling, making the solar-powered wireless ip camera suitable for deployment in sparse Outdoor Remote locations that would otherwise be cost prohibitive in the event that hardwiring of data transmission cable is needed.
This also helps to greatly reduce the overall project environmental footprint and installation time

1. Large Parking lots
2. Industrial Warehouse distribution centers
3. Large open concept University campuses
4. Chemical industrial refinery facilities & Oil storage facilities


4. High Resolution of the Video & Picture Capture

Types of Camera Models Options Available

Our outdoor solar powered security camera uses High-definition cameras which are equipped with infrared illuminators which helps to ensure an undisrupted camera video capture, regardless of lighting conditions.
he types of Camera options we offer includes

1. Bullet cameras
2. Dome Cameras
3. Day/Night Camera
4. Infrared/Night Vision Camera
5. High-Definition Camera
6. Network/IP Cameras
7. Wireless Cameras
8. C-Mount Camera


5. Intelligent Point-to-Point Wireless Communications

For outdoor surveillance installations such as construction building development work sites in Singapore, the Solar powered camera solutions are typically transmitted video signals via a point-to-point (P2P) wireless communication system.
Such a setup takes advantage on the 4G/LTE signal coverage from the cellular communications tower.

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These above-mentioned benefits of adopting a Solar IP Camera allows security systems providers the ability to offer clients an Outdoor Video Security Solution that is Quick to Deploy, Affordable and Reliable.

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Example Applications where Solar IP Camera is deployed for Video Surveillance

1. Heavy Industry Job Site

Solar IP Cameras are often used by Construction firms company in Outdoor Standalone CCTV Video Security deployment in remote building construction work site.
This helps to protect their construction assets from theft, sabotage
Examples of company assets include

Types of Camera that We Offer for Solar Powered Systems  


1. Fixed High Definition

Static cameras types are most popular for solar panel surveillance camera projects due to their relatively low power requirements.

X dual lens 6mp

A single X camera is functionally independent and comes complete with a Video Management System (VMS) and Internal Flash storage embedded onboard the camera itself.
As the Complete range of advanced functions and powerful features are all available at a standalone level, this makes it particularly suited for use in both active Video Security and passive Video surveillance projects
The network camera comes with a durable weather-proof enclosure which is tested for reliability in harsh outdoor environment.
All application software comes included with the camera unit at no extra charge.


2. Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)

Cameras with Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) functionality can either be

1. Cameras with IR lighting
2. Cameras without IR lighting
3. Thermal cameras (Which do not require light)


Y PTZ IR – Pan-tilt-zoom cameras with IR lighting 

The Y model is the latest speed dome camera from Y, which is specifically designed to enhance video surveillance monitoring over a large coverage area with low visibility.
Equipped with 150 M Infrared (IR) illuminators and a 30x optical zoom lens, the Y is able to offer a superb Image quality even in difficult low light conditions.
The Y also adopts Y’s latest IR technology. Y offers smooth vari-angle adjustment of the IR illuminators, allowing broad Field of View (FOV) coverage and highly consistent Infrared IR illumination intensity.
This helps to solve the frequent problems of undesirable IR hot-spots traditionally occurring with most mainstream IR illumination.


3. Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging Cameras with thermal imaging capabilities are an excellent option to consider selecting for a solar-powered camera system deployed for the purpose of intrusion detecting intruders.

Superior Night Vision

Thermal cameras have superior night vision capabilities.
They can even operate in conditions with zero ambient lighting as the thermal imaging technology only relies on detecting heat signatures emitted from the human and vehicles itself.
As thermal imaging cameras don’t need any assistance additional lighting system during operation, they largely have a much lower electrical power requirement.
This also means a smaller solar power unit can be used, as compared to that used for powering a solar security camera system which uses a non-thermal camera with accompanying LED lighting.

Y Thermal Camera

Enjoy a peace of mind with the reliability of Y thermal network cameras.
Unlike a patrolling security guard which incur a high cost, the reliable Y thermal camera can operate outdoors to offer protective video surveillance over your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
It is also specially designed to work in poor lighting conditions and can even continue the thermal imaging in complete darkness, Fog, Morning Haze or Thick Airborne Dust.
Total power requirement for most Y thermal cameras is approximately 12 watts

Communication Systems


1. Point-to-Point wireless Communication

Solar powered point-to-point wireless camera system
In most solar powered wireless camera system implementation, a point-to-point wireless communication system is adopted into the system

Recommended Setup for an optimum wireless performance includes

1. An operating frequency in the 5.8Ghz spectrum
if the deployment location have some degree of physical barriers, such as trees, building structures, an alternative frequency of 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz can be used, as it is more penetrative
2. A Clear line of sight for an unhindered wireless signal transmission pathway between transmission and receiving radios.

* Depending on the specification of the radio transmitter that you select, a high-powered radio transmitter with dish antennas has a signal transmission distances of up to 32km.


1. A point-to-point wireless communication linkage between 2 points requires a minimum of 1 pair of signal transmission radios. 1 is for sending video signals and another one 1 is for receiving video signals.
2. The radio receiving the signal (also known as gateway node) is often situated at a monitoring facility that is equipped with high-speed broadband internet connection.
This makes it possible for your relevant colleagues and project stakeholders to easily access either a live stream video capture or an earlier recorded footage right from any internet enabled mobile device or desktop computer.
3. The solar-powered camera systems can be directly accessed either via any computer IP address which has the required identification credential or by an Android or iOS-based Application platform installed on a Mobile device or Tablet.



2. 4G/LTE Cellular

4G/LTE cellular-based signal communication systems are suitable for use in deployment application situations where the use of a point-to-point wireless system is not possible.
With a 4G/LTE cellular systems, you get to enjoy the flexibility of deploying the system anywhere where there is cell phone signal coverage.

Benefits of using a Cellular Communication Systems

1. No Line-of-Sight Requirement

Becuase there is no need to use directional antennas, it is not needed to have a direct line-of-sight between the transmitting and receiving radios

2. No Mounting Height Restriction

No need to worry about restrictions on mounting height

3. Low Electricity Consumption

The cellular signal router has a relatively low power requirement of around 8 watts.

To ensure a fuss-free & convenient deployment on your site location, we will Pre-configure and Conduct a thorough test on the solar-powered 4G/LTE cellular camera system prior to delivery.

** Note:

1. As a cellular data account from a Telcom provider is required, there will be a monthly fee incurred for this 4G implementation.
2. Due to the relative high cost of cellular data transmission, we recommend doing the image signal processing using the VMS integrated onto the camera, then store the video footage either on an onboard SD card or a solid state (SSD) hard drive via an industrial computer integrated into the solar-powered camera system.




Personally, Go to camera installation location to directly retrieve the video data stored in the SD card memory onboard the camera
If you don’t have any type of remote communications hardware available on the solar wireless camera system, other alternative methods to download the video data includes:

1. Install wireless access point on the solar wifi camera system to transmit the video signal via Wifi to a receiving laptop.
As the transmission range of a wifi signal is quite limited, the location of the laptop has to preferably be within 60m radius range in order to access the video.
2. Run and Connect a cat5-e shielded cable from the camera down the pole to a Junction box with Ethernet interface port installed. To retrieve the video data, you simply have to plug the cable into port.